Women's Society

St. Andrew Women's Society

The St. Andrew Women's Society is a vibrant ministry group here in the parish.  They seek to promote spiritual growth and enhance the social welfare of the community.  In many ways, they are the helping hands to so many good and worthy endevors in the parish.  They are often involved in planning, preparing, and hosting parish events.  Often they provide support for families experiencing the death of a loved one, and assist with the receptions that follow burials or funerals.  Sometimes they team-up with the Knights of Columbus (men's group) and further the parish's mission and goals through their collaboration.  This is a great way to get to know the other women of the community.

Pictured are some of the 30 members: (L-R) Maxine Jarmon, Ivy Snyder, Diane Miller, Lois Thomas, Rahn Killeen, Patty Kappel, Kathy Jolley, Mary Lou Bulson, Mary Jane Smith, and JoRae Kay.

Thank You Note

A daughter of Aurelia "Mary" Flores wrote a nice note to the Women's Society thanking them.  The ministry of outreach by the Women's Society is important and appreciated.  Here's the note:

Thank you for your kindess and sympathy at a time when it was deeply appreciated.  Thank you so verymuch for all the Women's Group contributed to my Mother's Memorial Service Reception.  Your group was a blessing to our entire family and we sincerely appreciated your collective efforts.  May God continue to bless St. Andrew Parish in the years to come.  We will visit the next time we are back in Riverton.


Maxine Jarmon, President, 801-254-2126
Suzette Barrera, Vice President
Patty Kappel, Treasurer
Mary Lou Bulson, Secretary