Getting engaged and preparing for your wedding is a special and exciting time. 

Marriage Preparation Program
  1. Call and make an appointment with Fr. Joe Delka  (801-253-6031) at least six months before your desired date.  They will meet with you and discuss the preparation program and help you throughout.

  2. In the first meeting, a precana questionaire and interview will be completed.  The State of Utah deputizes ordained ministers to civilly solemnize marriages.  Additionally, the Catholic Church authorizes its ordained ministers to be the official witnesses of the Church to the couple exchanging vows.  In short, both the civil and ecclesial matrimony occurs in one single ceremony (not two separate ceremonies as seen in some foreign countries).

    It is not absolutely required, but certainly helpful if you can bring any of these documents with you when you come for your initial appointment:

    • Baptismal certificates for either party that is baptized in any Christian faith.  If you are ordering a new copy, be sure to request full sacramental notation.

    • If previously married, the marriage license(s), subsequent divorce decree(s) and declaration(s) of nullity or dissolution for each previous marriage (civil and ecclesial).


Helpful Resources

Marriage and Family Life: Engaged couples are encouraged to register early for Natural Family Planning (NFP) classes and Catholic Engaged Encounter retreats. Classes fill up fast! Register at (or contact: Veola Burchette, 801.328.8641 x 324)