Mens Book Club

Men’s Book Club

The men’s book club is a Catholic spiritual group that read catholic related books and discuss topics related to spirituality.

The men’s book club is open to any man age 18 or older looking for a men’s spiritual group and to learn more about the Catholic faith.

We meet Saturday Morning 8am zoom meetings at the comfort of your home.

If your interested in attending or participating in the Men’s Book Club please reach out to  Roberto Lara 813.334.5735 or email at

Or just join the zoom call

Meeting ID: 362 030 842

Password: book

Masculinity begets masculinity. This group was formed for men who are curious about their Catholic faith and are looking for accountability to read a book. This group has also become a place for a man to encourage one another in their spiritual lives. Don’t worry about whether you read or not. Half of the discussion if based on the gospel of the day and your presence is enough!