Hospitality is a ministry that is often under-estimated!  Hospitality is essential to being Christian, and this ministry is wonderful way to get to know more people in the parish.


At Mass

One may be both a Greeter and an Usher at the same time, but could easily be only one or the other.



Greeting people as they enter the building is a great extension of hospitality, but also when they are leaving!  A greeter helps people connect with others in the community, they make introductions and foster new relationships among the community.  They often look for those who are alone that day, or standing on the outside and invite them into conversation.  The are often the bridge between a new or visiting person and the existing community.  Being a greeter is more than saying good morning, it is genuinely careing about each person and helping them to grow in their friendships throughout the community.  Greeters also invite those who are new to consider registering in the parish, shares a weekly bulletin with them, and ask if they have any questions.



Ushers are responsible to assist people finding their seats, and so do so only in a safe and secure manner  They are also responsbile to take-up collections and assist as needed in other ways.


Outside of Mass

Hospitality at parish or school events is always helpful.  We also provide hospitality to families celebrating a funeral or burial.  We often help to host the reception and relieve the family of the burden of the planning and preparation these receptions require.  If other hospitality needs arise, these ministers are called up.

For hospitality at funerals please contact our front office at 801-253-6034