Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministry

This is a profound ministry in helping to distribution the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful.  It is a ministry of the utmost reverence to God, together with the  priests and deacons, in helping the assembly to receive that which their heart is drawn toward.  Being bilingual is not required, but is certainly very helpful.

The Eucharistic Ministers of Saint Andrew Parish serve the church by assisting the priest and deacon at Mass with distribution of the sacrament of the Eucharist.  We also try to facilitate the smooth progression of the Mass, assisting wherever necessary with needs of altar servers, older and handicapped people who want to receive communion, and we help with hospitality before and after Mass.  We also set up the cups, cloths, hosts and wine before Mass and clean up the vessels after Mass.

We also support the Parish with other activities. Before the COVID epidemic shut down many of our parish events, we hosted a Lenten supper of many various soups preceding the weekly Stations of the Cross service.  We support parish activities wherever possible. 

  1. This ministry is open to parishioners who have received the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Confirmation and are practicing Catholics in union with the Holy See.

  2. At least 16 years-old.

  3. In full sacramental communion, i.e. able to receive communion.

    If you are married, your marriage must be a sacramental marriage, and not a civil marriage only.  Another common way of saying this is that you are "married in the Catholic Church."  Those married outside the sacrament are not in full sacramental communion and should refrain from receiving the Eucharist until their marriage is made sacramental.  

Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister I (EEM-1)

Level One Ministers minister during Mass.  If you are interested in level one, please contact:

Mary Lou Bulson, Coordinator for English,  801-920-5592

Alejandro y Lorenia Maya, Coordinadores de Español, (801)879-7705

 Level I Guidelines

Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister II (EEM-II)

Level Two Ministers minister to the sick, homebound, and those in nursing homes.  If you are interested in level two, please contact:

Linda Goffaux, Coordinator, 801-254-3713


Special Note: At the present time, because of COVID restrictions, the priest and the deacons are taking care of the usual duties of the Eucharistic Ministers.  It is uncertain what future duties will be when restrictions are lifted.