The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) and for Chidlren (RCIC) ages 7 and older welcomes those that would like to inquire about the Catholic faith.  In fact, the first segment of this program is for inquiry purposes only, so one need to make a commitment to become Catholic.  Come and ask questions, share with others that are learning about the faith.  Discern if God is calling you into to communion in His Church.

Infants and children ages six and younger are to be initiated through infant baptism and not RCIC.  Click here to read more about baptizing a child six years-old or younger.


Program Stages:

The initial period before you decide to enter the Catholic Church. You're asking questions and checking it out, but need not commit.  What is it that you Catholics believe?  What does it mean to seek full sacramental communion and how does this affect my becoming Catholic?  Who founded the Catholic Church?  Do you worship Mary or the other saints?

Those who have decided they want to enter the Church become catechumens. In this stage, one develops their Catholic Christian faith through being "catechized" — learning the basic tenets of the Catholic faith.

Purification and Preparation
During the season of Lent, where all Catholics are preparing for the feast of the resurrection in Easter, it is a time of purification and drawing closer to God.  The entire Body of Christ prayers especially for the catechumens as they enter this time of purification.


Initiation into the faith happens through baptism at the Easter Vigil.  For those already baptized, they will be received into the faith without being baptized again.  One also receives the sacraments of the Eucharist and confirmation in this same celebration.  This is the biggest celebration of the year in the Catholic Church, because it celebrates the resurrection and new life in Christ.

After becoming Catholic and being in full communion with the sacramental life of the Church there is time for continued reflection and learning about the continued journey in faith.



If you are interested in inquiring about the Catholic faith, please contact Linda Goffaux, our Director of RCIA and RCIC, at 801-254-3713.