Apr 3, 2019

While Reading a biography of  Fr. Pedro Arrupe, who was Superior of the Society of Jesus, I found that in a meeting with a group of Jesuits, he told them: "We have too many meetings, what we should do is pray more". Speaking of the prayer, St Maximilian Mary Kolbe, a Polish priest who died in a concentration camp during the World War II, he stated that: "Prayer is the lever that moves the world". However, prayer is something that we all struggle with.

A few years ago I read the following story: "When the communists seized China, they imprisoned  a priest in his own house located very close to the church. While he was locked up, the priest was able to observe from the window of his cell how the communist soldiers entered the church and destroyed the tabernacle, where the Blessed Sacrament was kept, and they threw the consecrated hosts that were in the ciborium on the floor. The priest knew there were exactly 32 hosts. When the soldiers left, they did not realize that a little girl who was barely eleven years old, she had been hiding in the back of the temple. That same night, the girl returned to the temple with great care, and approached the place where the Blessed Sacrament was thrown to make a holy hour as an act of reparation for the sacrilege committed by those soldiers. At the end of her prayer, the little girl bent to the ground, in order to receive the Lord in her tongue. The girl returned night after night to make her holy hour and receive the Lord, and she did so for 32 nights until consuming the last host but, on that last night, the soldier who was guarding the entrance to the temple discovered her, and without telling her word, he shot her, and the girl fell dead at the same moment. The priest from the window of the house, observed as a silent witness of the heroic martyrdom of that poor child of God”.

Bishop Fulton Sheen said that when he read this story, he decided to make an hour of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament each day of his life.

Prayer is so important in the Christian life that Saint Teresa of Avila said: "whoever does not pray does not need demons to push them to hell, because they walk alone". To promote the life of prayer in our parish, we expose the Blessed Sacrament every Friday; and we also have night exposure until midnight, during Lent on Fridays. We want to continue this practice permanently so that we all have the opportunity each week to spend some time alone with the Lord, to thank him and pray for all our needs.

Will you start or continue to be a part of the Nocturnal Adroration on Fridays?

Father Marco Lopez