Prayer, Formation, Action

Feb 20, 2019

Recently I have presented a proposal to the leaders of the different ministries and the Pastoral Council, which consists of the following: focusing our work as a parish on three pillars: prayer, formation, and action. Why this proposal? Pope Francis, says: "the parish is an ecclesial presence in the territory, an area of listening to the Word, the  growth of the Christian life, of dialogue, of proclamation, of generous charity, of adoration and celebration"(The Joy of the Gospel, 28). This is what we are called to be as a parish.

St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe, a Polish priest who died as a prisoner in one of the concentration camps during World War II, said: "Prayer is the lever that moves the world." There are so many needs in our personal life, family, parish, in the Church, and in our country; which makes it urgent that as a parish we pray more, that we not only conform to the celebration of the Sunday Mass. Who is capable of stopping the genocide of abortion in our country? Who can give wisdom to our children and youth so that they are able to obey and respect their parents? Who can strengthen young people so they do not let themselves be destroyed by drugs and pornography? Who can help married couples live in harmony? Only God. That is why, starting the first Friday of Lent, we will have the Blessed Sacrament nocturnal adorations that will take place every Friday.

In the beginnings of the Church, St. Jerome affirmed that: "To ignore Scripture is to ignore Christ"; and more recently, father Flaviano Amatulli Vallente, said: "Ignorant Catholic is sure Protestant." In 1979, the Latin American Bishops spoke prophetically, saysing: "Even when our continent had not been reached or involved by the vertiginous current of cultural, social, economic, political, and technical changes of the modern era, the weight of tradition helped communication of the Gospel: What the Church taught from the pulpit was received jealously at home, at school and was sustained by the social environment. Today it is not like that" (Puebla, 76-77). We want to facilitate the Christian formation of all St. Andrew's parishioner. Would you like to be part of this?

"What good does it profit, my brethren, if a man says: he has faith, but has not works?" (St 2, 14). Pope Francis teaches us that: "Life grows giving it and weakens in isolation and comfort. In fact, those who enjoy life most are those who leave the safety of the shore and are passionate in the mission to communicate life to others. At the same time, he invites us to be: "a Church in the process of departure, which we are capable of being involved, accompanying, bearing fruit and celebrating"(The Joy of the Gospel, 10, 24).

As Saint Andrew's members, we are part of the greatness and beauty of this community. Can you imagine what we can become, if we dedicate ourselves according to our availability and capacities, in the life of prayer, formation, and action of our parish? ? Do you accept this proposal?

Fr. Marco Lopez