Parish News

Jan 30, 2019

I want to take advantage of this space to share with you some aspects of the life of our Saint Andrew Parish

Like in any family, also in the parish, finances are very important and necessary; therefore, I want to thank everyone for your financial support, because that makes it possible for our parish to continue with its mission. Something very significant is our support for the Diocesan Development Campaign (DDD), which helps the Church carry out its mission throughout the Diocese of Salt Lake City. For this year 2019, the amount of $ 27, 575.00 has been assigned to San Andrés; for which we expect the support of all our families to get our quota soon. Thank you very much for your contribution to the DDD, during the year 2018.

On February 14, we will celebrate the greatness of human love created and established by God between a man and a woman. We have asked the Knights of Columbus of Saint Andrew  to coordinate this activity, which will begin with the celebration of the Holy Mass to thank God for the love in each marriage and couples of our parish.

We have started a ministry especially for men: The Book Club. This is a space for men to meet, read, and discuss important issues of our Christian faith that relate to their life in the family, Church, and society.

Communication is a fundamental tool in the construction of a community; therefore, we are happy that several people from our parish are participating in the English and Spanish classes. Learning a second language opens up many opportunities in life.

In the leaders' meeting held on the last Wednesday of January, I have explained that the life of our parish community will be based on three pillars: Prayer, formation, and action. Prayer is the most important thing in the life of a Christian on a personal, family, and parish level. Father Pio said: "Pray, have faith, and do not worry". A parish that does not pray easily becomes a social group. But, Christian formation is important and necessary to know God's will better and know  what to do in our life. I invite you to take advantage of all the formation spaces that the parish has to offer. The movement is a sign of life, and in a parish it is a sign that ¨we are not a sick community because of confinement and to cling to our own security¨ as Pope Francis wrote in his Apostolic Exhortation The Joy of the Gospel.

Each of us, children, young people, and adults, we form the parish of Saint Andrew; what we are and what happens in our community is thanks to God, and to the participation of all.

Am I determined to participate actively in my parish in 2019?

Father Marco Lopez