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Letting Go : Dejando ir

Posted by Rosalinda Rey on 10/29/18

There is one small detail in the story of blind Bartimaeus that we might easily overlook. It is a small detail but one that symbolizes something important in our spiritual journey. The small detail is this: After Bartimaeus overcame the discouraging words of those who were scolding him to ... Read More »

Mission Sunday

Posted by Rosalinda Rey on 10/23/18

A Church Going Forth

We celebrate this weekend World Mission Sunday, and in this context, I would like to share some thoughts of Pope Francis, on the mission of the Church, from his Apostolic Exhortation: The Joy of the Gospel: "Evangelization obeys the missionary mandate of Jesus: "Go and ... Read More »

Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero and Galdámez.

Posted by Rosalinda Rey on 10/15/18


Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero and Galdámez.

This Sunday, October 14, the Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez, was canonized by the Church, which means that he is elevated forever to the altars as the saint of the people. This is something that humanly speaking, some years ago, it ... Read More »

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Posted by Rosalinda Rey on 10/05/18

October is the month of Awareness about Domestic Violence; the first Sunday of this month focus on the respect of human life. October is also the month dedicated to the prayer of the Holy Rosary, in this regard, Pope Francis is inviting all Christians to pray the Rosary asking ... Read More »

Diocesan and Parish Life

Posted by Rosalinda Rey on 10/01/18

Diocesan and Parish Life On September 15, the Diocesan Catechetical Congress of the Diocese of Salt Lake City was celebrated. Several people from the Saint Andrews parish attended this event. Our Bishop Oscar Solís, presented the Pastoral Plan of the Diocese, which we are going to study soon in ... Read More »