Safe Environment Committee

This committee is instrumental in helping us to maintain a safe environment for men, women, and especially children in our parish and school community.  They keep records, educate, obtain any needed background checks, and assist anyone in need of further information or help regarding our safe environment program.

As a volunteer or employee of the parish or school, you must complete the following:

  1. Complete Online Training
    (Location = St. Andrew Parish for both the parish and School,do not use San Andrés Parish)
  2. Complete the Disclosure and Information Form 
  3. After completing your online training, print your certificate and bring it to the office with your completed Disclosure and Information Form.

Como un voluntario o empleyo de la parroquia or la escuela, necesita cumplir:

  1. Cumplir el Curso de Internet en linea
    Ubicación = St. Andrew Parish para la escuela y la parroquia, no escoge San Andrés Parish)
  2. Cumplir el Formulario de Declaración e Información 
  3. Despues cumpliendo su curso, emprima su certificado y trae lo a la oficina con su Formulario de Declaración completo.

All Parishioners of St. Andrew may visit our diocesan website on safe environment to review policy, report abuse, learn more about the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, and much more.  Look for the above logo posted on printed materials, posters, the bulletin, and other resources throughout the parish.


Committee Members

Linda Goffoax, Chair, 801-254-3713 habla español también

Fr. Joe Delka Pastor 801-253-6031

Mariana Rodriguez, Director of Religious Education
______________________, School Representative


Key Resources

Safe Environment at the Diocese of Salt Lake City website
Be sure to see the many options on the sub-menus on the right side margin.

Safe Environment Program Manual for the Diocese of Salt Lake City in PDF format.

Stop Cyber Bullying

A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

Preventing Internet Predators

Sexting and Teens

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