Girl Scouts

Sunday, Sep 29, 2013, 1pm

Girl Scout organizational meeting for the adult leaders at St. Andrew


Facebook Pages

GSA St. Andrew Riverton UT
This is a closed facebook group, meaning the whole world can see it, but only those who belong to it can see the posts or participate in it.  One must belong to the Girl Scout Troop at St. Andrew, be it a scout, parent of a scout, or adult leader.  State or District leaders from the GSA are also welcome to participate in it.  It is a great way to share info in a place that the majority of the community already use for othe reasons.  Michelle Richmond and Fr. Marco Lopez are the administrators.


Other Links

Girl Scouts of Utah
This is the official page for the Girl Scouts of Utah at the headquarter offices, 445 E 4500 S Ste 125, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107.  This is where you can purchase uniforms, journey books, patches, and other great girl scout items.  Their official website is